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These days it seems like you can hack nearly anything to get the most bang for your buck. Wouldn’t it be great if we could hack our own bodies?

What is biohacking? Well, did your mother ever tell you stop and chew your food? Chewing your bites about 32 times or so sounds ridiculous but it's not. You know it maybe mother’s advice but it's based in science by chewing your food more you make digestion easier which means more energy for you. It actually takes less energy to chew your food to support digestion than if you leave it for your stomach to break it down. More chewing less food comas, our moms were biohacking experts and we didn't even know it.

Simply put biohacking is the ability to speed up the results in our own biology quick tricks and tips to impact our mental and physical health and more importantly it's about doing it in a way that integrates our busy lives. Biohacking is not about giving anything up and it’s definitely not about the latest fad diet. It's not a gym membership or an exclusive meditation retreat and you don't need a PhD to understand how to do it and it does not take up all of your time.

So, what is Biohacking then?

Biohacking is the practice of reconnecting to our nervous system and re-energizing our mitochondria, the battery packs of ourselves by adding some simple practices to our lives like chewing your food more. We can noticeably calm the mind throw our cognitive and physical energy and recapture that natural vitality that we were born with at its core. Biohacking focuses on our







So you might be wondering, why you have to try biohacking? Biohacking gives you quick and impactful results. We are talking about something that takes very little time and effort. Biohacking is about reconnecting our brains to our bodies through our nervous system the we can take advantage of our body’s natural energy every day.

A handful of natural tricks we recommend at our clinic that can help you tap into the power of biohacking that improves mental performance and energy, and hacks your genetic makeup for a more vibrant life.

· Chiropractic manipulation

· Electrical muscle stimulation

· Dry Needling

· Cryotherapy

· Headbands that encourage blood flow to the brain

These are all part of the new world of biohacking we utilize that aims to hack biology with the goal of quickly and dramatically improving performance, thoughts, behaviors, and vitality.

So, if you are wanting know how to hack your own body, ask our staff for handouts during your next visit.

Book an appointment today or call us at (415) 343-7706

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