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Nasal Specific Therapy

  • 30 minutes
  • Prices Vary
  • Clinton Park

Service Description

Trauma to the face, head, or neck, including the birth process, can often cause the cranial bones to shift or lock resulting in increased cranial tension, pressure on the brain, and altered blood flow. The effects range from mild allergies to severe mental and physical disabilities. Nasal Specific is a very safe and effective way to adjust the bones of the skull specifically the nasal sinuses and unlock the cranial bones. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and think you can benefit from this, book your appointment today. The Nasal Specific treatment is a unique technique that is effective in treating the following symptoms: Chronic sinus congestion Deviated septum Chronic fatigue Headaches Brain fog Snoring Breathing problems Sleep apnea Tinnitus Jaw Pain Visual disturbances And many more

Contact Details

  • 2 Clinton Park, San Francisco, CA, USA

    + (415)343-7706

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